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The dependable plain end coupling system that SAVES TIME, SAVES MONEY and SAVES SPACE.
The STRAUB coupling is a patented mechanical coupling system for joining plain end pipe in sizes 3⁄4" through 144".
STRAUB-FLEX Welded Joint
Flanged Joint
 Noise & Vibration Damping
Angular Deflection: 20 degrees Pressure: 300 PSI
 Stab fit design - ready to install  No Special Tools Required
 Fits Plain-End Pipes  Reusable
The STRAUB system eliminates the need for any pipe end preparation, saving time and money. Assembly requires only a torque wrench to secure the pipe joint. The unique low profile design closes around the circumference of the pipe or tube, creating a leak tight seal without the need for lubricant. STRAUB couplings are used to join virtually any plain end pipe or tube including steel, stainless steel, ductile iron, FRP, PVC, CPVC, C900, CPP, concrete pipe, copper, and CuNi.
• Suitable for almost any pipe material
• Joins pipes of the same or dissimilar materials
• Suitable for pressure, vacuum or suction lines
• Leakproof joint, due to the pressure responsive gasket • Quick and simple repairs to existing pipe lines
• Pre-assembled, stab-fit design ensures simple, rapid installation
• For use on plain-end pipes without the need for costly pipe end preparation • Simply cut pipes to length, center coupling and tighten bolts
• Suitable for thick or thin wall pipes
• Needs only a torque wrench - no other special tools required
• Stress-free, flexible pipe joint
• Compensates for axial movement and angular deflection
• Pressure-resistant and leak-proof even with inaccurate pipe assembly • Dampens water-hammer, vibration and structure-borne noise
• Detachable and re-usable, maintenance free
• Eases pipe alignment problems
• Simple and quick to install, reduces installation costs
• No heat or fire hazard, can be fitted in fire risk or confined spaces without special equipment or permits
• Progressive sealing effect, higher pressures reinforce the seal • Axial restraint versions available, prevents pipe pull-out
• Corrosion resistant; all stainless steel construction
• Good resistance to temperature and chemicals
• Reusable
• Compact design, saves space and allows pipes to be compactly installed
• Allows the use of low profile pipe insulation
• Can be accessed in confined areas, coupling can be rotated to provide ease of access to bolts
• Light weight
 High-Performance Pipe Couplings

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