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 Seal is reinforced by increasing line pressure, ensuring long life performance.
 Seals on rough pipe surfaces  No lubrication of gasket is
 Pressure or vacuum service
 Absorbs noise and vibration
 Low torque/compression ensures long service life
 Saves Space
 Allows pipes to be closely grouped  Allows low profile installation
 Corrosion resistant construction EASE OF HANDLING & ASSEMBLY
 Light weight
 Simple and quick to install
 Stab fit, no need to disassemble  Low torque required
 No pipe end preparation
 Reusable
 Never needs retightening
 No welding
The STRAUB-GRIP-L and STRAUB-METAL-GRIP couplings join plain end pipes with axial restraint. STRAUB-GRIP-L and STRAUB-METAL- GRIP provide pull out resistance in excess of the coupling’s rated work- ing pressure. Whether for pressure or suction lines, thick or thin wall pipe, the STRAUB-GRIP-L and STRAUB-METAL-GRIP couplings are installed quickly, safely and economically. Due to the unique design of the teeth, as internal pressure increases, the anchoring effect is progres- sively increased. The engagement of the teeth into the pipe's outside surfaces provides for electrical conductivity across the pipe joint.
The STRAUB-FLEX coupling will join virtually any plain end pipe. Whether pressure or suction lines, thick or thin wall pipe, the STRAUB-FLEX coupling is installed quickly, safely and economi- cally. STRAUB-FLEX couplings can accommodate pipe system expansion and contraction movement as well as angular deflec- tion. STRAUB-FLEX couplings require the pipes to be axially restrained and are an economical alternative to rubber and metal expansion joints.
The STRAUB-OPEN-FLEX is a split coupling version of STRAUB-FLEX, offering all the STRAUB-FLEX benefits, plus being able to make repairs to in service pipe lines. With the STRAUB-OPEN-FLEX coupling, leaks due to faulty weld joints, pitting holes and short cracks can be tempo- rarily or permanently repaired with minimal down time. The split gas- ket design can be wrapped around the pipe and installed without pipe disassembly. Assembly tools are available to ease the installation of
the STRAUB-OPEN-FLEX coupling. When used to join pipe ends the STRAUB-OPEN-FLEX coupling provides the same flexibility features as the STRAUB-FLEX design. STRAUB-OPEN-FLEX couplings require the pipes to be axially restrained.
 All STRAUB couplings require the correct use of a torque wrench for a safe and proper installation. STRAUB couplings must be torqued to the specified value as printed on each individual coupling. Failure to do
so can result in injury or death.

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