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The fire resistant coupling - for use wherever fire protection is required by law.
STRAUB-REP-FLEX is used to reliably repair broken pipes and the leakage of water or drinking water pipes caused by corrosion.
The proven STRAUB sealing lip system is a dependable and durable solution for numerous pipe materials such as steel, cast iron, ductile cast iron, fiber cement, PVC or PE. It will also repair pipes of two different materials.
The EPDM sealing sleeve meets all SVGW, OVGW, WRC and NSF requiresments as well as W270 and KEY according to DVGW.
Practical for Transitions
The STRAUB-COMBI-GRlP ensures a perfect connection at transitions between plastic and metal pipes by
compensating for different outside diameters. The advanced technology and high-specification manufacture ensure increased safety and reliability wherever this coupling is used.
Universal for plastic pipe
The STRAUB-PLAST-GRIP is the ideal combination for thick- and thin-walled plastic pipes. lt is used for gas and water supply applications, for industrial pipeline constructions, suction and pressure lines.
The pipe connection for different pipe diameters
STRAUB STEP-FLEX overcomes large diameter differences from 10 to 30 mm. In order to protect the sealing sleeve, a stainless steel strip insert is included.
Example for ordering: STRAUB-REP-FLEX 460mm,
EPDM/SS Overall length 200, ND 40, Ø 46-53mm
F2 F1
FR = F2 - F1

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